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Getting visitors to your web site might be difficult enough, but once they are there, you need to keep them there. Animation is one way that you can do just that. Forget the static boring text based web sites. An animation fronting your home page can tell all that is needed to say.

You can have explosions, pussy cats, or even a pirate on a bike. Whatever takes your fancy really. It can be whiteboard animation or full colour.

You can have a computer generated voice like this one with an English accent or and American one like this. Maybe you prefer a female voice. Or perhaps, you prefer to use your own voice or a professionally recorded one.

Send me a script about your website and I will put a video together for you. If you like it, you can pay for it, place it on your web site and keep it. If you don't, then don't pay for it. No questions asked.

How much? Well that depends how long it is and if you prefer a professionally recorded voice-over. As a rule of thumb, it is £2 per second of completed video. That means this one, being 2 minutes long, would have cost you £240 plus a £75 one off commercial licence fee.

If you have a question, please call Gavin on 07704432201 or send an e-mail using the form on the contact page.


A one-minute web animation will cost around £120 + the

commercial licence fee

Use your own, a colleagues, a friends, or my voice without

any extra charge

Web Animate