Whiteboard Animations

Even the simplest of whiteboard animations grab your attention

The Process

The whole process from your first submission to delivery usually takes about 3-4 weeks and is a 6 stage process

Stage 1:
Your initial thoughts or concepts (usually presented as a word or powerpoint file). You send me your idea along with your contact details. I will call or email you with an estimate of how long I believe the final production will likely be. A price is agreed and then the initialisation fee will be due for the production to begin.
Stage 2:
Initial development. We will put pen to paper (or should that be pixel to computer screen) and attempt to deliver your production as you imagined it first time.
Stage 3:
Your review and initial feedback. You will receive a watermarked copy of the production in 720p resolution for your consideration. If you feel that changes need to be made this is the time to say so.
Stage 4:
Web Animate to act on feedback. Corrections and amendments are implemented.
Stage 5:
Your 2nd review and feedback. As for stage 3. Please make sure that you are happy with everything at the this stage as further suggestions and amendments may be chargeable.
Stage 6:
Corrections and amendments implemented and your production released. It will be supplied via four download links. Each link will be the same production but in four different resolutions; 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p


Joe is on the autism spectrum and gave his thoughts on the 2020 Covid19 lockdown to the BBCs Covid Chronicles which was broadcast on Radio 4 July 1st 2020.
Gaynor Rogers used this production to gain support for her online zoom training during the Covid Pandemic
This was one of a series of animations that FarlaCare produced promoting their range of wound care products
A previous life saw me teaching Mental Health First Aid. This was my advert.
Paul Sylvester is not only a great entertainer, he is genuinely one of the best trainers I have worked with in healthcare. He has summarised a number of courses in one sentence each. This is how he perceives GDPR
This is an animation I did advertising a book that resulted from my secondment by the UK Dept of Trade and Industry to South African Paramedic Services
This animation is advertising a Mental Health First Aid course. This was one of the courses I delivered when I was a traininer in healthcare
This production was placed on LinkedIn and resulted in double-booking the course within just a few hours
Another healthcare related course advertisment with a splash of humour. I wanted John Cleese's voice but couldn't afford him. I used a popular impersonator who charged a very reasonable price
TDF Training used this advertisment to attract customers to their online training
An interactive whiteboard animation explaining the costs associated with it. Tap or click the option you want to proceed with the production.


Plain black and white whiteboard animation

£150 + £4 per second of completed animation

10 second animation £190
30 second animation £270
60 second animation £390
90 second animation £510

Whiteboard animation with colour

£150 + £5 per second of completed animation

10 second animation £190
30 second animation £270
60 second animation £390
90 second animation £510


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